It’s not about the money

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead

Nilanjana Das, Founder, ACT

“Why did you start ACT?”

“I wanted to contribute meaningfully to the development of the society, empower women, and realize my goal to be an entrepreneur. Founding ACT was my answer.”

“What according to you is women’s empowerment?”

“Achieving the 3 Ss—self-confidence, self-dependence, and self-esteem.”

“What are the challenges of empowering women in India?”

“Societal mindset against women … especially discrimination from womb to grave, violence against women of all ages, and stereotyping.”

“What has been your greatest struggle?”

“Convincing people around me that life is not just about the money but it’s also about the social impact we make.”

“What is your greatest struggle right now?”

“Devising ways to make ACT self-sustaining.”

“Where do you see yourself ten years from now?”

“I see myself and ACT as having the same identity. I would like to create ACT as a self-sustaining organization, by developing a chain of empowered women up-cyclers, designers, and rural entrepreneurs across the country that’ll not only empower the women but will also build an eco-friendly and environment conscious society through their creativity.”

“Give one piece of advice to wannabe social entrepreneurs?”

“Identify your area of interest and then just keep loving and doing it. Be focused, have patience, have a plan, and make persistent efforts.”

Nilanjana with her team

Nilanjana with some of her team members

ACT up-cyclers at work

ACT up-cyclers at work

Eco-diyas on sale

Eco-diyas on sale

Light shade on sale

Light shade on sale

To get in touch with ACT for volunteer work and/or to buy their products visit their website and/or their Facebook page. Go ahead … help empower today’s women … make a difference.


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