Anirban @ Garden of the Gods

Hey there. I’m Anirban. Some of my friends don’t find my first name interesting so they call me Ray (and that’s OK with me). I’m quite an humble person, really, and don’t like talking about myself. But if you must know, I lead a dual life to satisfy both the hemispheres of my brain. I spend my days working for a top technology company as an Enterprise Architect and my nights (and sometimes early mornings) as a blogger, photographer, and writer.

My day job requires me to be highly analytic and logical and that satisfies my left brain, whereas my passion for photography and writing satisfies my right brain and maintains the balance (thereby keeping me sane).

This site is all about my right brain exploits and you are welcome to navigate and enjoy it.

I’m also the author of a novel God Behind the Firewall and you can check it out at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

However, if none of the above interests you and you are more interested about my day job you can check out my more day job specific bio and publication.

Thanks for visiting my site. You can always drop by and say hi on Google+ at +AnirbanRay or on Facebook page at eternallycreative. Feel free to use the contact page if you have any questions on prints, licensing, speaking engagements, and/or workshops.

Photographic Awards

IPA — Castillo De San Marcos — Honorable Mention 2013

OPC — Dark Night Moonrise — Fine Art Second Runner Up 2013

Anirban having fun